This is the blog for the Davies Jackson Scholarship. You can read more about the amazing scholarship (two years at St. John’s College, Cambridge) here.

Look below for some answers to questions you might have. Go on. Take a peak.

What’s the purpose of this blog?
The Davies Jackson blog has quite a few goals: It’s to keep current and past scholars in touch with each other. It’s to inform aspiring scholars about what life as a DJ is like, and what DJs become. It’s a place to share thoughts and help build an alumni community. And it’s to be fun.

Who writes for the Davies Jackson blog? 
Scholars past and present. The DJ committee as well, should they desire. Graham Downs, the esteemed director of the programme. There might even be a post or two from St. John’s College’s resident cat, Captain Haddock.

What is Davies Jackson?
In a few words, it’s an amazing scholarship. Two years. Cambridge University. The opportunity to change your life. You’ll find more answers to that question here.

Who are you?
I’m Davies Jackson scholar 2009-2011, Danae Mercer. I blog independently over here. Since I work in media, and since I’m an ‘old hand’ at this blogging thing, I was (foolishly?) trusted with the task of putting the DJ blog together.

Do you have more questions? Why not drop them in the comment section, and we’ll get them answered.


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  1. Can you apply if your parents didn’t go to college, but your older sibling did (and literally just graduated!!!)?

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