Update from current scholar, Courtney Dymowski

Three months on, current scholar Courtney Dymowski (2013) tells all her Cambridge tales. 

Hello everyone!Festive_Hall

Everything has been going well here. I can’t believe it is already the end of my first term at Cambridge and that I have been living here for three months! Where did the time go? Here’s a recap:


I’ve adjusted to living abroad quite easily- I mean who wouldn’t want to live in this fairytale of a town? I remember when I first arrived I thought the shops and streets were so quaint and the town, historic. By now, being surrounded by 16th c. buildings, ornate gothic churches, and cobblestone streets has become normal.


My favorite aspect of becoming so familiar with Cambridge  has been exploring the town, even when I think I know it so well I end up going to a lecture that takes me down a different road and proves to be just as picturesque as the last one.


Within these first few months I’ve joined a couple societies including the Real Ale Society, which has helped me to slowly make my way around all of the pubs and taste delicious beer, and the Photography Society where I’ve gone to a few artist talks and critiques. I also experienced my first Guy Fawkes Night including a bonfire, mulled wine, burgers, and frozen fingers. Besides the events and societies, I’ve been hard at work endlessly writing essays and reading books.


Now that it’s finally winter break I have some exciting travel plans, including to spend Christmas and New Years in Germany before meeting up with my good friend from home in the Netherlands and returning to Cambridge for lectures.


Next term is looking exciting, as I am really looking forward to my special subjects course on Orientalism. I will also be shooting a lot of new pictures since I’ve been selected to participate in a student show during May Week.

Courtney in Germany

Courtney in Germany


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