News in brief

With so many Davies-Jacksons around the world, what’s happening across our ever-growing community? Here’s the news in brief. 

Offers to potential Davies-Jackson Scholars

The committee sent along three semi-finalists to St. John’s College – and the college has made offers to all of them! They are: Briana Britton, from Aurora University (IL), who will read in Education with History; Alex Kraemer, from Lewis & Clark College (OR) who will read in History; and Caitlin Ray, a senior at Huntingdon College (AL) who will read in English.

Cambridge visit

While in the UK in 2014, I met the newest Davies-Jackson Scholar, Courtney Dymowski. We ate in the buttery and did all the very traditional Cambridge things, like avoiding stepping on the grass.

Courtney and Danae outside of St. John's College

Courtney and Danae outside of St. John’s College

Courtney by the Bridge of Sighs

Courtney by the Bridge of Sighs

Deanie Vallone, Davies-Jackson from 2011 says:

In September I started a full-time Education Internship with Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s Artistic Internship program, one of the oldest and most prestigious internship programs in regional theater.

Deanie still works with birds (and wears a bit of Cambridge stash)

Deanie still works with birds (and wears a bit of Cambridge stash)

My internship covers quite a lot of ground, including teaching residencies in middle schools and high schools across the city, leading on-site workshops for children and adults, conducting tours, and researching and writing guides, lesson plans, and curriculum. We are also in the planning and logistical stages of creating an arts-integrated neighborhood revitalization program for a couple of Milwaukee’s most disadvantaged and segregated neighborhoods.

Among other shows at The Rep, we’re currently in rehearsal for a world-premiere play, Five Presidents, written by Rick Cleveland of House of Cards, Six Feet Under, and The West Wing fame. We’ll be meeting with him soon to talk about his new show.

I’m also in the initial stages of preparing dramaturgical work for The Rep’s all-intern produced showcase, Rep Lab, premiering next spring. Also next spring I will most likely be co-directing a one-woman production of The Handmaid’s Tale for a local theater company. All in all, it’s theater 24/7, just the way I like it!

Lindsay Brainard, scholar from 2010, says: 

“I’ve passed my dissertation proposal at University of North Caroline, so I am ABD. All I have left is the dissertation and more teaching, and then I’ll be on the academic job market in two years’ time!”

Lindsay visiting previous St. John's College housemates in Philadelphia

Lindsay visiting previous St. John’s College housemates in Philadelphia

George Maher, scholar from 2001, says: 

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 07.46.54My book, We Created Chávez, was published in 2013 and is currently being translated into Spanish, French, and Arabic. I have been invited to speak about the book as far afield as Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Egypt, Jordan, and France.

I am currently completing two more books: a theoretical volume entitled Decolonizing Dialectics and a short, accessible book on contemporary Venezuela entitled Building the Commune (Jacobin-Verso).

I am also currently up for tenure – fingers crossed!

Stephen Worden, Scholar from 2011, says:

I’ve been working at the same international school in Hong Kong for the past two-and-a-half years. I started out as a G 10-12 instructor in philosophy, politics, and economics before taking a position as Head of Curriculum last year. This past month I was promoted to Head of Secondary for the Hong Kong office, where we teach just over 400 students. Unfortunately, I’m teaching less but I really enjoy having more of a role in operations and helping out with our new centers in Beijing and Singapore.

Each year a few of my students end up attending Cambridge, so it’s nice to have that connection–however small–still.

Outside of work, I’m still managing to travel a bit. This past September I spent a month in Laos, where I bought a used motorbike and was able to put about 1200 km on it. A lot of flat tires and mosquito bites but an amazing experience. I have a few more trips I’m looking forward to in the upcoming months: Myanmar in February and India in April.

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