Current scholar Queenie Ho updates on her experience

Now wrapping up her first few months in Cambridge, current scholar Queenie Ho tells about what John’s has been like for her. 


Hi all! I hope that everything has been dandy and that you’re all enjoying the autumnal weather as much as I am. I am entirely serious when I say that I enjoy winter. Nothing can dampen my festive spirits!

I always think that everything is so much more magical this time of the year, and the atmosphere of Cambridge definitely adds to that sentiment.

One of my favourite parts of the day is often just the walk to and from lecture, because—for those fifteen minutes—I get to just see how the seasons change the character of the city and absorb my surroundings.

My sense of inspiration is renewed every time I walk down St. John’s to King’s Parade, especially when I think of how many brilliant people in history have walked on the same bricks and stones.

For the past month and a half (where did the time go?), I have been mainly adjusting to the teaching style, which is much more independent and offers so much more freedom than my previous experiences. It leaves a lot of room to explore.  I find that every time I go to the library, it becomes a lot like misdirected shopping—where I am positively shaking from excitement because everything is so interesting and I just kind of want to learn it all.


When I’m not in lecture or preparing for supervisions, I have been taking advantage of departmental seminars as often as I can.  There’s just something about the availability of mental stimulation that makes me want to go-go-go.


In my spare time, I have taken to exploring the city by walking down a different street whenever I can, location scouting in preparation for a photography project that I would like to work on while I am here.  The concept has been mostly developed.  All that is left to do is to work out execution and (maybe, hopefully?) get participants!


So, with any luck, I’ll be able to get started on that soon and start sharing them with you all!


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