Incoming scholar Queenie tells her story

This year we have two incoming Davies-Jackson scholars. Below one of those two, Queenie, explains how she heard about Davies-Jackson and what the process has been like. 

Hello!  My name is Queenie, and I am incredibly honored to have been named one of the recipients of the Davies-Jackson Scholarship this year.

I recently graduated from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, with a B.A. in Anthropology and Biology. Prior to attending Augustana College, I was a student at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, IL.

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I first heard about the Davies-Jackson Scholarship from my anthropology advisor, who had also been educated in the U.K. and really enjoyed the experience.  He encouraged me to submit an application, and in January, I received the good news of an offer of a place to read at St. John’s as a Davies-Jackson Scholar.

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To say the least, I was, and still am, over the moon about it.  I can’t believe that such an opportunity could be mine–that I will soon be a student at one of the best universities in the world in the near future.

My family, friends, and professors have always been supportive, and they are just as excited as I am for me to begin this new adventure.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 14.36.43

As for me, the best way for me to channel all this excitement has been to learn more about the school in general.  During the next few months, I aim to read about the history of the school and its surrounding area before I arrive, start my visa application process, and look further into the research currently being pursued by the professors in the department.

This whole experience has been so unbelievably great and surreal so far–from graduating to meeting the U.S. Selection Committee in D.C.–and I plan to take it all in one step at a time so as to not miss a single thing!


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