Where am I now? – J. Nathan Mathias

Exploring life after St. John’s College, ex-scholar Nathan Mathias explains his current adventure: MIT Media Lab.

Greetings from the MIT Media Lab, part Chocolate Factory, part Hogwarts, where I have the amazing privilege to make technology alongside some of the most talented and accomplished designers in the world. I started as an MS student here last autumn and might stay on for a PhD, if they will have me.

The man himself

At the Center for Civic Media, we focus on two big ideas in technology and society. We make tech to enable greater participation in the public sphere for people’s whose voices are not commonly heard.
We are also building the tools to understand the role of participatory media in news and politics. Our projects include Between the Bars, a blogging platform for incarcerated people, LazyTruth, a gadget that helps you check your email for misinformation, and MediaMeter, a nutritional label for the news.
I’m also personally spending a lot of time exploring and imagining education and organised the Festival of Learning, a peer learning event, in January.

While at John’s, Nathan was a punting guru

Life at the lab is crazy, wonderful, and unexpected. On any given day, I could easily be giving talks and brainstorming together with Sesame Street, the New York Times board, the inventor of microfinance Muhammad Yunus, or GZA from the Wu Tang Clan. Or modeling things with balloons. Every day is inspiring.

3 responses to “Where am I now? – J. Nathan Mathias

  1. “For people whose voices are not commonly heard” try reading Gwen Southgate’s Coin Street Chronicles, a self published book that has been likened by more than one reader to George Orwell. How can such an excellent book remain known to only a few? Such a shame.

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