Deanie’s Awkward and Awesome Cambridge

What’s great about Cambridge? And what’s awkward? Current scholar, Deanie Vallone, explains the great and the cringe in this first round of a regular feature.

Deanie in Barcelona


Having a super long conversation with someone at a Fresher’s event, and realizing that you don’t remember their name (even though this is at least the third time you’ve met them now), and knowing it’s way too late to ask them. So people suddenly take on names based on their degrees: That-Guy-Who-Studies-Amphibian-Diseases-in-Spain or That-Girl-Who-Went-To-Uganda-To-Build-Wells.

Having my phone start ringing about thirty seconds after I sit down to have my first meeting with my DoS (an esteemed professor in medieval literature). And then scrambling to find it in my massive handbag, and just having him sit there staring at me in wonder while it rings and rings and I pull everything but the kitchen sink (and, unfortunately, my phone) out of my purse.

Tripping. All the time. Me + Cobblestones = dangerous!


The fact that my college looks like Hogwarts. Yes, I said it. Don’t judge me; you were all thinking it.

Thursday night Compline service in the chapel. It’s so relaxing after a long week of work, and I get to spend fifteen minutes listening to beautiful music, calming myself, and thanking God for a wonderful week. And then afterwards there’s hot chocolate in the SBR! Score!
Being homesick and thinking about Thanksgiving and then having a massive Thanksgiving party complete with a turkey and all the fixings. And getting celebrate with fellow Americans and introduce a new tradition to my non-American friends. We ate so much food and had such a good time, and it made me realize that Cambridge can be just like home.


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